30 Day Beginner Yoga Challenge

published 5 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Beginner Yoga Challenge Welcome to our 30 day beginner yoga challenge. This challenge is designed to get you in the habit of practicing yoga over the next 30 days. I have been hearing from a lot of people who are working from home who are starting yoga for the first time. I am hearing from my students that they are working from home and they need 10 minute yoga breaks throughout their day. This 30 day beginner yoga challenge will get you in the habit of moving your body every day after you wake up, as a 10 minute break in your work day or before bed. We are living in stressful times and our autonomic nervous system naturally releases stress hormones that help us to deal with this stress - to fight the tiger or run away from the tiger so to speak. If we do not move these stress hormones through our body we are going to feel more and more stressed and anxious. These 10 minute yoga breaks will support you in releasing stress and anxiety. I have made sure to include all the best components of my regular yoga with Melissa classes. We will start with a short centering to release tension from your body, connect with your breath and feel the support of the earth. We will move for about 8 minutes and then we will come back to the earth for the best pose, savasana. During savasana I will read you a poem not to analyse, but to immerse yourself in the poem’s atmosphere, tones and textures, sounds, images, rhythms, to move you emotionally, energetically and spiritually. My intention with this 30 day beginner yoga challenge is to give us time away from our computers, social media, and news to tune into our bodies, to notice how you are feeling and to see what you need physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. This doesn’t have to take a long time, I believe we can do this in just 10 minutes. The classes are designed to connect you with your body and your breath. To allow you to find your center and your ground. To help you find strength and balance. When you create flexibility in your body you will have flexibility in your emotions and your mind as well. As much as possible I have tried to keep the classes prop free, wrist free, hand free and knee free. If you are new here, you may be wondering who I am? My name is Melissa, I have been teaching yoga since 2002, here on YouTube since 2009 and in my membership community since 2011. I have been recommended as having the best free yoga videos for beginners by Greatist Go HERE to sign up for the challenge Members, we will be populating our video library with ad free versions of these videos in the beginner section. Help me reach 100K subscribers by subscribing to my channel, doing the 30 day challenge, and sharing the challenge with your friends. Thank you so much! Namaste, Melissa

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