iOS 494: Our iPhone Home Screens

published 1 month ago

Leo and Mikah share the apps they keep on their iPhone home screens.On this week's iOS Today with Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent: Our Home Screens: Simple, Due, Fantastical, Instagram, Pocket Casts, Cash App, Deliveries, Snowflake Weather, Cardhop,, Canary, Notion, Google Photos, Audible,, Drafts, Keybase, Kinsa, Oura, Jitsi Meet, Threader, Signal, Apollo for Reddit News: Apple makes maps data available to aid COVID-19 efforts, Apple Maps will soon display COVID-19 testing locations, Meg Whitman says Quibi reached 1.7 million downloads in first week, Apple and Google are building a coronavirus tracking system into iOS and Android, the new iPad Pro has the same chip as the old iPad Pro, Today at Apple (at Home) brings Apple Store creativity to your living room, Facebook launches an experimental app for messaging close friends via Apple WatchListener feedback: Pay-as-you-go data for iPad, Apple Pay on Amazon's website, and a mouse recommendation for iPadOS trackpad support. Mikah's App Cap: Watchsmith Leo's App Cap: NextDNS Hosts: Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent Download or subscribe to this show at . You can contribute to iOS Today by leaving us a voicemail at 757-504-iPad (757-504-4723) or sending an email to Sponsor:

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