TWiT 766: Zoom, But Use Protection

published 1 month ago

Apple+Google COVID tracking app, 5G towers burning, Zoom tips Get Glycerin Melt at via affiliate link! 5G towers are being burned in England and the Netherlands to stop coronavirus. We have officially hit maximum techno panic. Apple and Google are building a coronavirus phone tracking app. Do you want a cyberpunk dystopia? Because this is how you get a cyberpunk dystopia! Zoom is the best option for group video chat, but only if you use it right, and only if you don't need perfect privacy. We show all the free TV shows you can watch online. What we are doing in quarantine: soap making, Half-Life Alyx, Castlevania, start your own video channel Smart toilet recognizes your butt and scans your poop for diseases Jack Dorsey donates $1 billion to Coronavirus research, with full transparency Apple displays COVID testing locations and launches Today at Apple at Home Why Apple stopped charging Amazon Prime Video the 30% "Apple Tax" Amazon workers are terrified to go to work, but at least they have a job Travelex paid 285 bitcoin to ransomware hackers - watch out for COVID Phishing Quibi has 300 Million installs in its first week, while Tik Tok crosses 1 Billion Distance learning: school attendance is at 50% Passover Seder on Zoom Leo is back on Facebook John Conway, creator of Conway's Game of Life has passed due to coronavirus Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Georgia Dow, Rene Ritchie, and Owen JJ Stone Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: promo code TWIT10 - promo code: TWIT1 WWT.COM/TWIT code TWIT

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