Self Sacrifice is Not Sustainable

published 5 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Self Sacrifice is Not Sustainable Currently we are experiencing a world pandemic with the coronavirus in our world. What I have noticed in connecting with my students is an outpouring of love and generosity and a desire to do something to make a difference to the covid-19 outbreak. In this video I am going to talk a little bit about the discussions we have been having and how self-sacrifice is not sustainable. Now, more than ever, even though the media is sensationalist in its reporting, we are tuning into the preciousness of human life. We are recognizing more and more that our worth is determined by who we are, simply for being alive. I know I have found that this increased awareness of the preciousness and fleeting nature of life, that it is not what I do, it is not hustling that proves my worth. Now, more than ever, I value each living breathing being for being alive. The mudra I want to share with you today is the mudra for your inner Self. This mudra will allow you to connect with your True Self. It will remind you, as it has reminded me, that when each one touches one in their own unique and powerful way, we do indeed touch all humanity. Namaste, Melissa

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