25 min Root Chakra Fear Release | Qigong Inspired Hatha Flow Yoga | Yoga with Melissa 525

published 6 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Hatha Flow Yoga This root chakra qigong inspired hatha yoga flow class will release the energy of fear from your body. Through qigong and hatha yoga fusion poses, we are going to focus on releasing the energy of fear. Instead of going into analysis of fear or all the stories of fear we are going to stay with the energy of the fear and focus on moving it down through our root chakra, into the earth to be transformed and transmuted. With the global pandemic of covid-19 right now many of you have requested classes for the fear of the unknown, fear of uncertainty, grounding and inner alignment. When we can release the frenetic, unconscious, mindless, scattered energy that accompanies fear, we can find the grounding and centering energy that is always available to us in our root chakras and through the earth. This inner stability will balance us and bring us a sense of inner peace. May this class be an energetic purge and detox and provide a gathering of inner strength that may be of benefit to all beings at this time. Namaste, Melissa

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