What does Full Moon Yoga Mean?

published 5 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

full moon hatha yoga flow ´╗┐ Maybe you have heard of full moon yoga or full moon yoga rituals, but you aren’t too sure what the full moon has to do with yoga or what the benefits of full moon yoga even are? One of the things that has been most interesting to me in my practice recently is how the constantly changing energy of the season, the moon, and the day affect us. On the full moon it is a time of, well, fullness. Especially during these times, we are experiencing the intensity that the full moon represents before it begins to wane again. Everything is illuminated under the full moon. As we come to the full moon we will feel the surge of energy and a maximum amount of life force energy surging through our body. The fullness of the moon is illuminating our insight and awareness at this phase of our journey. This is a time for us to connect with the insights and awarenesses that are being illuminated by the full moon. In this video I will recommend yoga for the full moon and we will practice a full moon yoga pose together.

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