Daily Yoga Practice for Stay at Home Covid-19 Quarantine | Yoga with Melissa 524

published 5 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Restorative Yoga This daily Yoga Practice during Stay at Home Covid-19 Quarantine is designed for this time of uncertainty. I have been listening to your requests, most of you would just like a daily practice for when you are staying at home, some of you on quarantine because of covid-19, practicing social isolation. This is a yoga class you can practice everyday when you are confined to your house. It combines hatha yoga with restorative yoga. It will ground and center you, connect you with your core, help you to find your inner foundation and then allow you to find some inner stillness amidst the chaos.  If you are experiencing cabin fever and restlessness this daily yoga will help you to feel strong, balanced and resilient. My plan is to help you release the fight or flight chemicals that naturally get released by our body in times of stress. We will focus on contralaterally loaded movement or cross body movements not only to fully and reflexively engage the core musculature but also to create new nerve pathways in your brain, connecting the right and left hemispheres in your brain helping you to focus, think more clearly and problem solve in challenging times. Brain yoga, yoga for focus  Namaste, Melissa

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