ITV 107 | Make Relationships Easier with your Ideation Strength

published 6 months ago by Becky Hammond

Relationships are hard. Which means life at work and at home with family can be...hard! But you can flip that around--by understanding and fixating on the things that are already true and good about you and the people around you. The CliftonStrengths Ideation strength is all about a constant generation of ideas and connections and thinking up the impossible. Where this super-power strength matches with what people around you understand and expect from you, then great --- have at it. Where it is misunderstood or perhaps even over-used, now is the time to be prepared to dial it in --- to protect and honor the relationships around you. Listen + watch Isogo TV Episode 107 to hear how you or the people around you can use the Ideation strength to make relationships easier -- in your family or your team!

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