Trading 101: What is a "Short Squeeze"?

published 9 months ago by ClayTrader

The stock market is a crazy place where money can be made no matter what happens. How so? Due to a trading and investing strategy known as "going short", you can literally make money from a stock price going down in value. While the stock market is very expansive in all the opportunities it can give you, it can also be a very risky place where large amounts of money can be lost. In the world of "shorting stocks" and "going short", you must be aware of and avoid what is known as a "short squeeze". Perhaps you've heard this term, but if you are a beginner in the stock market and just getting started, it would be normal for you to have no idea what it means. Let me show you how a short squeeze works and what causes it (and continues to cause it). Learning how to trade and invest means understanding the risks involved and this is definitely a risk you need to be aware of.

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