30 min Stop Comparing YourSelf Meditation Yoga Nidra | Yoga with Melissa 523

published 6 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yoga Nidra This 30 minute yoga nidra will allow you to stop comparing yourself to your past self, to a future idealized version of yourself and to others. Through this meditation you will be guided through the opposites in your body: left side, right side, front and back, left ear, right ear, left eye, right eye, left arm right arm, left leg, right left, to connect with the wholeness that you already are. In yoga nidra, we open to the possibilities that opposite experiences are all part of the whole. Instead of controlling our experience and pushing for good and running for bad, we question the binary survival system. Each opposite informs the other. The bottom defines the top, lightness defines darkness, each is a part of the other. Through yoga nidra we can become rooted in the stillness beyond comparison. In the absence of doing we remember that we are already whole. This yoga nidra meditation is part of our perfectionism series. You may have perfectionist tendencies if you have excessive concern with details, you are extremely devoted to work and productivity at the expense of leisure, you are excessively conscientious, you are thrifty, you are inflexible and rigid when it comes to morals and ethics, or you are reluctant to delegate tasks or relinquish control. However, as we have learned throughout this series, perfectionism is the result of the culture and families we grew up in, so we do not need to be perfectionist about our perfectionism. Resource: Present Perfect Samov Pavel

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