30 min Hatha Yoga for Self-Forgiveness | Perfectionism Series | Yoga with Melissa 522

published 6 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Hatha Yoga In this 30 minute hatha yoga class we will use 2 blocks to cultivate core strength and back strength. We will practice self-forgiveness by opening to the possibility that mistakes are part of the process of learning. The poses in this class will open your hips, strengthen your core, take your spine through extension, flexion and rotation. Perfectionists are inwardly oriented to expect themselves to be perfect. When they make a mistake, they are hard on themselves. A single small mistake feels like it wipes out their flawless record. If we only think in terms of absolute success and utter failure then there can never be small steps towards our success. From this point of view, there is actually something called a partial success on our way to getting better at things. In this class we will welcome mistakes as part of our body’s way of learning. Resource: Present Perfect Samov Pavel

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