RSAC Micro Interviews - ExtraHop and Bandura - Corey Bodzin, Todd Weller - ESW #175

published 10 months ago by Security Weekly

ExtraHop - Agents and logs don't play well in an IoT environment, however the network doesn't lie. Looking at the behaviors of IoT devices through the lens of the network traffic can help build an asset inventory help detect attacks. Corey Bodzin is the VP of Product Management for ExtraHop and discusses how network visibility can help with IoT security. To try RevealX Cloud for Free visit: Bandura - Todd Weller, Chief Strategy Officer at Bandura Cyber, provides an update on Bandura Cyber and discusses the latest trends and dynamics in threat intelligence. To find out more about Bandura Cyber, please email Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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