Apps for Intelligent Sales & Marketing in Dynamics 365 | Essentials for IT

published 11 months ago by Microsoft Mechanics

The core components in Dynamics 365 that enable an intelligent sales and marketing approach for your organization, and the key considerations for IT Admins. Organizations may be accustomed to siloed role and function-specific CRM solutions that force users to navigate multiple disconnected sales, marketing, and related apps and services. Today, Dynamics 365 solves this with modular and connected sales and marketing SaaS applications within Dynamics 365. It delivers a unified platform, built on Azure and natively connected to Microsoft 365. This allows your users to access sales and marketing data and capabilities as dedicated app experiences OR within their day-to-day productivity apps. Watch to see the full breadth of capabilities and what it takes to set it up. For more details, go to Watch the whole series at

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