Spiritual Awakening through Food and Books in California | Travel Vlog

published 6 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Berkeley Sonoma In our fourth and final vlog of the San Francisco California series we visit the University town of Berkeley. We started our visit with some super yummy food at a tiny little restaurant. It was so good and fresh and full of flavour. Shannon and I visited her daughter’s alma mater, Berkeley and Shannon had a spiritual awakening in the library. You will see our reverence for education, learning and books come alive in the library. It seems the sky is always bright blue in San Francisco. Perhaps the only thing that Shannon and I love as much as learning and books is food! Our final day in the Bay area we visited Sonoma Valley, wine country. This was probably one of my favourite parts of the visit. Sonoma is a beautiful town. We had a delicious and healthy lunch at Sunflower Cafe on their back patio. Our final stop was the Culinary Institute of America. This is a gorgeous place to study the culinary arts. A huge thank you to Shannon’s beautiful family for hosting us in California. I miss you so much Shannon. Wish we could live together everyday. Our intention is to connect people with their subtle energy bodies and cycles of energy through yoga and meditation with our yoga and yoga lifestyle videos. This trip to San Francisco allowed us to film some gorgeous videos for our YouTube subscribers and the members of our membership community. We hope that the beautiful backdrops in the San Francisco Bay area allowed you to tune into your True Nature within and access your subtle energy body on a deeper level and connect with the ever changing cycles of energy in nature all around you. We are forever grateful to everyone who supports us by watching our videos, recommending our videos to others, practicing yoga with us, becoming members and making donations. You make it POSSIBLE for us to continue with our life purpose and unique expression here on the planet. From our heart to yours. Thank you!

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