1 hour Relaxed and Comfortable Yin | Perfection of Pace | Yoga with Melissa 519

published 3 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yin Yoga You may have perfectionist tendencies if you have excessive concern with details, you are extremely devoted to work and productivity at the expense of leisure, you are excessively conscientious, you are thrifty, you are inflexible and rigid when it comes to morals and ethics, or you are reluctant to delegate tasks or relinquish control. However, as we have learned throughout this series, perfectionism is the result of the culture and families we grew up in, so we do not need to be perfectionist about our perfectionism. This week we will focus on how impatience shows up as one of our perfectionist tendencies. A couple of weeks ago, one of my students told me that when she heard that we were going to be in a pose for 10-15 minutes she thought that is way too long to just rest “I don’t need rest” and she almost got up to fast forward to the more active yoga poses. Impatience shows up in many ways in our lives. It is a rejection of the pace of a given process, because you think it should be unfolding faster. This 1 hour yin yoga class will pull and pressurize the tissues of your body and meridian system in a relaxed and comfortable way. This class is part of our perfectionism series. If you have ever struggled with patience, the teachings on perfectionism in this class will open you up in a mindful way to become comfortable and relaxed with waiting. We will begin our class with centering and go over the principles of yin, specifically how the principle of staying for awhile relates to patience and the recognition that things unfold in their own time. While you are holding your yin yoga poses for five minutes I will offer strategies for becoming more relaxed and comfortable with patience, from how to be with waiting, to opening to process awareness. In this class you will focus on wide-knee child’s pose, sleeping swan pose (modifications will be given for knee issues), bananasana, broken wing pose and savasana. As always we will close our class with poetry to open us to the the perfection of patience.

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