3 Myths About Low Income Housing

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Low Income Housing, Affordable Housing

Everybody French in here with our the iCloud.com the only site will need as a real estate investor today I got a quick video for you words how about some common myths that are associated with low income housing and why they're not true now look at all my videos everything I talk about a clue in the description below simply click show more you could follow right along so let's go and dive right on the things. So the first myth we wanted the box is that most people think when it comes to low income housing you only deal with terrible tenants. Now the reality situations while yes I'm there are some people bad tenants in the bunch probably have a higher percentage compared to say middle income housing there is still a very solid core of people in low income areas even a single who if managed properly others share responsibility here on they're gonna pay the rent on time even living your prop. As for several years the Titans you do far as any largely depended on where the property is located and the other half is George ...

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