Direct Mail Campaign - 8 Tips To Sending Out Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

published 7 years ago by |Real Estate Investors Teach Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Investments


Everybody phrasing here at our the site need as a real estate investor today I got a quick video for you on setting up a direct mail campaigns for your real estate investments now it 8 simple tips for you army Mike all my videos everything that I talk about I clued description below simplistic show more and you can follow right along who's died right on into things in case of tip number one is to know your target audience whether you're sitting out mailers on her own or you're working with a third party it's very important you find out where your leads are coming from. The last thing you want to do is advertise your real estate to say a stamp collecting list work on media arts and craft list okay you wanna be focused to improve on your conversions okay are they related to what you were advertising. Up to number 2 is test a small group first the worst thing to do is test it with a lot of money on it unproven at cakes protests around 500 postcards to letters and measure your results and to make sure you have consistency ...

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