The Basics To Investing in Rental Property

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Rental Proprty Basics

Everybody facing here with ari I your lead to creative real state today I got a quick new venue for you all the basics to investing in rental properties also known as buy and hold real estate not all my videos everything and you talk about I clued in the description below simply click show more and you can follow right along no it's great to be back in orbit MI 8 which been working really hard here are yacht I've forgotten really tremendous value for you guys this year I will report presenting it out you guys the next several months now on today's topic on the video is out pretty near and dear to my heart you know I love investing in buy and hold real estate I'm within a family business mine for about 20 plus years Alamy tell you when you own more than a handful of free clear property that right there I is your retirement that everybody's talking about so let's go into a little bit more in detail today I broke this defies simple categories again this is a basic overview I with the intention of creating more detailed videos per category in the near ...

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