New Products 2/12/2020 featuring 1.3" Color TFT Bonnet for Raspberry Pi - TFT + Joystick Add-on

published 1 year ago by Adafruit Industries

AdaBox: Curated Adafruit products, unique collectibles, and exclusive discounts (0:05) Adafruit 1.3" 240x240 Wide Angle IPS TFT Display (0:28) SparkFun Qwiic / Stemma QT FeatherWing (Shield for Thing Plus) (1:04) FTDI Serial TTL-232 USB Type C Cable - 5V Power / 3.3V Logic (2:51) Fomu - ICE40 FPGA Development Board (3:37) The Art of Electronics: The X Chapters - by Horowitz & Hill (4:39) Adafruit FT232H Breakout - General Purpose USB to GPIO, SPI, I2C - USB C & Stemma QT (6:30) Pimoroni Pirate Audio: Headphone Amp for Raspberry Pi - PIM482 (9:55) Adafruit 1.3" Color TFT Bonnet for Raspberry Pi - 240x240 TFT + Joystick Add-on (10:35) ----------------------------------------- Shop for all of the newest Adafruit products: Visit the Adafruit shop online - Adafruit on Instagram: LIVE CHAT IS HERE! Subscribe to Adafruit on YouTube: New tutorials on the Adafruit Learning System: ----------------------------------------

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