Investing in Probate Real Estate ft. Jim Banks

published 4 years ago by |Real Estate Investors Teach Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Investments interviews Jim Banks, a national Probate expert with over 30+ years of experience. Jim is a licensed broker, with a law background in Probate, and during this video, he shares why Probates are a great investment option for Real Estate investors.

Mmhm. Mmhm. What's going on guys this is Frank chan with ari I want to welcome you to our face to face interviews with our real estate experts from all around the nation on who we have here today with us is name is Jim banks I'm he's a probate investing expert and he's one of the great scenes been doing this for 30 plus years will have a lot of great information a cover today time I told him I'd that what here are high club we have quite a bit of the beginners to recover some beginner type stuff we're gonna try to touch up in some more advanced things a later the video and I'm simply asking James Naughton Jim some questions are throughout today's interview and hopefully got got better understand the topic and hopefully we get you guys interested in potentially brought in your investment portfolio with this potential opportunity again today would only be teaching and I hope you guys enjoyed it so ...

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