30 min Hatha Yoga Slow Flow | Yoga for Perfectionism Series | Yoga with Melissa 518

published 3 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Slow Flow This 30 minute slow flow hatha yoga class will use a block to be present and open your awareness to how we are part of the flow of change in the world. The poses will focus on core strength, back strength, and leg strength. Moving slowly through these flowing hatha yoga poses with a block from bridge pose, side plank, boat, lunge, tadasana, warrior one, standing forward fold and reclined twist will remind us that “mindfulness is timefulness” (Pavel Somov). Throughout this series on perfectionism we have talked about how perfectionism is often future minded. We imagine a future that is better than your present moment experience. In many ways, perfectionism is a rejection of our present moment experience in an exchange for some kind of imagined better future. Time is something that we perceive. It can feel like was have all the time in the world or we can feel like we are racing against time. In our current culture there is a lot of time terrorism inflicted on us. There is a tremendous amount of time urgency created in advertising in order to get you to buy now. Time is presented as running out. All of these things are an attempt to commercialize and commodify your time. I would encourage you to slow down, make peace with time and embrace the ordinary perfection of the present moment. Being present means being present in time. Awareness happens against the backdrop of time. We are all part of the flow of change. We experience ourselves in relationship to a world that is constantly in process and movement. When we slow down enough we can notice ourselves being in time.

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