Top 5 Landlording Mistakes To Avoid

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Landlording, Landlording Mistakes

Everybody French in here with ari I on the side of me is a real estate investor today I got a quick video for you on at protecting yourself as a landlord now look at all my videos everything I talk about I do include in the description below simply click show more you can follow right along. So let's go to get started the first common mistake that landlords make is that they failed to properly screen their tenants donors and are a lot of bad apples out there yes there are some good ones but especially depending on what type of market you're a providing housing for whether it's low income or depending on the area this makes 10 screening incredibly important told to protect yourself the best way to get around this is to remember to verify employment and obtain current and past rental history but more importantly verify that what the landlord have a quick conversation with them to get it I'd better idea other tenants rental of patterns and of course provide a thorough background in credit ...

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