6 Reasons To Invest In Pre Foreclosures

published 6 years ago by REIClub.com |Real Estate Investors Teach Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Investments


Everybody fresh and here are the iCloud.com movie site lead as a real estate investor today I got a quick video for you on the 6 reasons why you should consider investing in pre foreclosures now like in all my videos everything I talk about I do include in the. Description below simply click show more and you follow right along so the first thing you want to talk about is minimizing your holding costs now for novice investors worry about holding because there is a big advantage in pre foreclosures now when people default on their mortgage are they have usually stopped making payments to the bank now so when you S. investors are negotiating with the sellers so negotiating with the bank's right up to the point where you decide to buy the property. Then no one is actually making payments on it okay so this actually gives you plenty of time to find a buyer without having to deal with monthly holding costs. Number 2 if you deal with a very motivated sellers now sellers in pre per ...

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