How to do Dolphin Pose | Step by Step Progressions

published 1 week ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

How to do Dolphin Pose In this short video I am going to share with you a shoulder stability exercise using the mini bands that is a fantastic way to prepare for dolphin pose. This rotator cuff exercise using the same flexion of the shoulder movement in dolphin pose creates the shoulder stability needed for dolphin pose. So when you flex your shoulders in dolphin pose, having done this rotator cuff preparatory pose, your shoulders will be stable and less prone to injury. This is just one of the preparatory progressions that is part of a short video on preparing our body for dolphin pose with props like blocks and mini bands in a short yoga class. This video will give you a preview of and a sampling of a short video that I created for our members that offers step by step progressions into dolphin pose using 1 block and a different strength mini bands. Dolphin Pose or downward facing dog on your forearms is a fantastic pose for developing mobility and strength in your upper body. It will help you develop shoulder mobility, strength and stability, back strength, chest strength, core strength, tricep flexibility, and hamstring flexibility. In this video I will show you how to do a shoulder stability exercise with the miniband to build into dolphin pose, give you a preview of the dolphin pose class that I created for our members and talk about the benefits of adding resistance training or strength training with the minibands into your yoga practice.

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