Top 5 Technical Indicators All Beginner Traders Should Use (Getting Started With Charts)

published 1 week ago by ClayTrader

Learning how to trade can be very overwhelming due to all the varying sources of information online. Whether you are learning how to be a day trader or wanting to become a swing trader, there is an abundance of information available to you. In my experience being a trader and helping new traders, what I've noticed is the best thing to do is take a step back and focus on keeping the strategy simple. You can quickly suffer from paralysis by analysis if you use too much information, so I would recommend you get started with only five technical indicators. By using these five indicators within your day trading (or swing trading), you will force yourself to begin to learn how to trade in a more efficient manner. Many of the most successful traders I know use these five technical indicators within their strategy and I believe when you are new and just getting started trading, you should also use them.

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