TNW 119: Bumps and Lumps

published 2 weeks ago

The Iowa caucus voting app caused quite a stir in tech news this week. Huffington Post's Kevin Robillard discusses.Fujifilm announces its latest compact systems camera with great reviews. Bryan Minear shares his hands-on experience.Nvidia challenges Google with its online gaming option as it provides cloud graphics processing for top-tier gaming titles. The Verge's Sean Hollister shares the highlights.Facial recognition AI leads to cease and desist orders towards Clearview AI from the tech giants.Motorola's new RAZR shows off foldable screen technology, but how does it stack up to existing foldable phones? Hosts: Jason Howell and Ant Pruitt Guests: Kevin Robillard, Bryan Minear, and Sean Hollister Download or subscribe to this show at .

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