30 min Yoga Nidra Meditation for Self Love | Self Acceptance, Unconditional Value & Worthiness YwM 517

published 9 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Yoga Nidra This yoga nidra meditation will support you in cultivating self-love and unconditional self-acceptance, worthiness and value. This yoga nidra is part of our yoga series on Perfectionism. I would highly recommend checking out the rest of the series as well as Pavel Somov’s book Present Perfect. This guided yoga nidra meditation will support you in letting go of judgment and comparison and open to the acceptance that is available in the present moment. This yoga nidra includes a body scan, breathing, body awareness, sensory awareness and teachings on self-acceptance, self-love, unconditional worthiness and value. I want to acknowledge you for taking this time to cultivate self love and recognize your unconditional value and worthiness. Looking after your own well-being from moment to moment, being your own support and companion is a beautiful act of self-love and self-service. Not only are you cultivating self love as it is expressed in you and through your day but also your awareness of how it is expressed in each living being in your life. Thank you for taking this time out of your day to cultivate this self-love. Member Audio Download of Yoga Nidra for Self Love Sign up here to become a member: Click Here Yoga Perfectionism Series

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