Tax Sale Auction - How To Prepare Yourself For Tax Sale Auctions

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Everybody phrasing with art I the site will need as a real estate investor today at a quick video for you on how to prepare yourself for a tax sale auction in your county like every video that I taught again every video everything that I talk about I clued in description below simply click show more to follow right along to one province in up to a tax sale option it's when a homeowner defaults on the real estate taxes after a lot of your time in several warnings in the government as he has a right to sell their property at a tax sale for the amount owed on taxes now the owner the property is offered a redemption period meaning they have around 6 months to the upper side of 2 years to pick up whatever is owed on the property taxes and any additional fees accrued during this time now for example iota print sailor property that I own $15000 in tax. Joe schmo the Vassar comes by pays off this this tax now becomes the first lien holder for me to get my property back I to play Joe schmo ...

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