ClayTrader Review | What Makes ClayTrader Different? (Services and Products)

published 2 weeks ago by ClayTrader

The most common question I get from people who are looking to learn how to trade and want to invest into a course is: "Clay, how are you different compared to...." I applaud these people! They are doing their research on training courses and classes that will help them succeed in the world of trading. They are out there looking at reviews and testimonials trying to figure out who will be the best teacher/coach/mentor for them. There can be a lot of shadiness out there, so I respect and comment people for their skeptical nature. This is why I believe the "how are you different" question is such a wise one. I've been helping guide new and/or struggling traders since 2013 and I believe my success in helping traders get started has to do with these three methods designed with you at the center. Let me explain...

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