Pwn2Own In Miami, Cloud Vuln., Deconstructing Web Cache Deception Attacks - ASW #93

published 1 year ago by Security Weekly

Pwn2Own Miami -- Schedule and Live Results show just how profitable deserialization, information leaks, and out-of-bounds flaws are, Insecure configurations expose GE Healthcare devices to attacks demonstrate more simple flaws with high impacts, NSA Offers Guidance on [Mitigating Cloud Vulnerabilities Mitigating Cloud Vulnerabilities] across four major classes of misconfiguration, poor access control, shared tenancy vulnerabilities, and supply chain vulnerabilities that represent the majority of known vulns, Azure Security Benchmark—90 security and compliance best practices for your workloads in Azure, and Enumerating Docker Registries with go-pillage-registries for pentesters searching for useful information. Deconstructing Web Cache Deception Attacks is another class of problems like HTTP Response Smuggling that takes advantage of inconsistencies in systems that handle web traffic. Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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