How Much Money Do You Need to Start Trading?

published 4 weeks ago by ClayTrader

When you are a new trader in the stock market and just getting started, "how much money do I need?" is a very wise question to ask. In some situations it will depend on the broker and platform as they will have a minimum starting requirement; however, many new traders just want to know what it takes to "make it worthwhile". We have a situation of good and bad news. The bad news is, the answer is not exactly black-and-white. The good news is, it's a very easy and straight-forward path to figure out how much money you will need to get started in the stock market. At the core, this question all comes down to perspective and goals. As long as your perspective and goals are in line with one another, you'll have a very good idea about just how much money you will need to begin trading.

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