45 min Hatha Yoga with a Block | Choice & Freedom Perfectionism Series | YwM 515

published 1 month ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Hatha Yoga with a Block This intermediate hatha yoga class is a class with lots of options and choices. Some of them will involve fun options with a block inspired by the teachings of Jenni Rawlings. This class will create strength in your back, legs and core and mobility in your thoracic spine, shoulders and hips. Perfectionists tend to stay true to their habits and rules. They stick to their routines and they struggle with change. In this class we will attempt to untangle ourselves from the prison of our guilt-tripping shoulds and inject some choice and spontaneity into our yoga practice and by extension into our lives. When we make a conscious choice it gives us access to freedom. While perfectionists can be quite productive, ultimately there is not a lot of joy in that productivity. The only value that a perfectionist might see in an activity is a sense of accomplishment. In this way, living can be wasted unless it adds up to something. We do not have to forfeit the joy of the journey just to get to the destination. The traditional conscientiousness that is tied to our habits and rules can be replaced with enthusiasm. The heaviness of obligation can be replaced with the uplifting expansiveness of zeal. The more and more we become aware of the choices we have, the more we can discover the freedom that is available to us. When we become aware of the options available to us, we start to be aware that we have a CHOICE. CHOICE does three things: Takes us off auto pilot Restores your freedom Gives you an opportunity to change your patterns, habits, rituals and routines We are fundamentally free, but we do not recognize this freedom at every turn. We repeat the same patterns over and over again and feel powerless to change them. The truth is, we are stuck in our minds. We are free to the extent that we are aware of our options in each moment. The more options we are aware of, the more free we are. When we are stuck in a should, we only see the course of action that is expected of us. Acceptable alternatives exist Resource: Present Perfect Samov Pavel

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