Qigong Yoga Fusion Flow for Water Element Kidney and Bladder Meridian

published 4 weeks ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Qigong Yoga Fusion Flow In this short qigong yoga fusion video I am going to demonstrate a short qigong inspired movement that I have shown you before to release neck tension but this time for a different reason. This movement will not only stimulate your kidneys to improve your essence energy, it will also support you in your ability to hear and listen deeply to your own inner wisdom. This movement that I am going to share is part of a longer qigong yoga fusion class for water element kidney and bladder meridians. Water element is related to kidney and bladder meridian and winter season. It is the most quiet and inward time of the year. In winter there is little or no growth, we are in a holding pattern, hibernating, conserving our resources, waiting for spring to come again. The longer class begins by stimulating kidney qi. The kidneys store our jing or essence energy and original qi which is inherited from our parents. In our culture, the kidneys are often depleted. We know it as adrenal exhaustion and experience it as extreme fatigue, premature aging, mental fuzziness, weight gain, insomnia and thyroid disorders. When we stimulate the kidneys and meridian lines we can build our energy reserves and recharge our batteries. This qigong yoga fusion class will help you store and conserve your energy. There are several poses inspired by bear frolic movements of five animal frolics in qigong. The bear is related to water element and winter. Bear hibernates all winter long and stores his energy. The bear teaches us to sink into our power and strength and wait for spring with perseverance. Bear also teaches us how to conserve energy. Several of these qigong yoga fusion movements are also about moving water they inspire the fluidity and adaptability of water in us. Water moves to take the form of its container. It moves to the lowest point. Think of rain falling from clouds, then a mountain stream, flowing down a river, into the ocean. Water always moves down to the lowest point. However, water keeps moving and it does so with flexibility and ease. If you enjoyed this one movement from the qigong yoga fusion class and you would like the whole class with more movements to stimulate your kidney qi to build your energy reserves, bear movements to conserve your energy and connect with your strength and power and flowing water movements to connect with your fluidity and adaptability, then I will leave a direct link for our members and a link to become a member if you are not already a member. With the addition of this water element qigong yoga fusion, we now have flows for all five elements in our membership library. Join Our Membership Namaste, Melissa

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