How to do Bulk and Transactional Batch operations with the Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK

published 1 month ago by Microsoft

Matías Quaranta (@ealsur) shows Donovan Brown (@donovanbrown) how to do bulk operations with the Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDK to maximize throughput, and how to use the new Transactional Batch support to create atomic groups of operations.[0:02:21] - Demo: Batch API[0:06:32] - Demo: Bulk APIBulk import data to Azure Cosmos DB SQL API account by using the .NET SDKIntroducing Bulk support in the [Azure Cosmos DB] .NET SDKazure-cosmos-dotnet-v3/TransactionalBatch sample code (GitHub)Welcome to Azure Cosmos DBAzure Cosmos DB overviewCreate a free account (Azure) 

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