Filming Yoga Nidra Meditation for Self Love in Monterey Bay California

published 1 week ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Monterey Bay California We started off 2020 with a trip to Northern California to do some filming for my main channel, Yoga with Melissa and our membership community. We stayed with one of my dear friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our first full day in California we took a day trip to Monterey Bay for some filming. On our way to Monterey Bay we drove through the mountains, down Highway One and stopped in Santa Cruz at Cafe Gratitude for lunch. My favourite part was the Brave Immunity Boosting Shot! Perfect for the day after travelling on an airplane. We reached Monterey Bay just as the sun was going down and filmed a yoga nidra meditation for self love for our Yoga with Melissa channel for you. We had a lot of challenges with filming on this trip. The TSA had rooted around our filming equipment and was rather rough with my headset microphone and so we had a lot of challenges getting good sound. The main thing Tim wanted to do in California was go to In ‘n Out Burger because of watching the classic film Pulp Fiction. In ‘n Out burger did not disappoint. The burgers were delicious and the price offered great value. Wish we had them here in Victoria B.C. too, although Big Wheel Burger is great too! Yoga with Melissa Cafe Gratitude Santa Cruz  Members 25 min Audio Yoga Nidra Self Love Meditation: Click Here Yoga Nidra Self Love Meditation oceanside sunset video will be released on Yoga with Melissa on February 7, 2020: Click Here Yoga Nidra Meditations: Click Here Yoga Nidra Explanation: Click Here Yoga Classes for Self Love: Click Here Membership Community: Click Here Add Your Email Address Above to Receive a Free PDF of 4 Easy and Practical Ways to Incorporate Compassion Into Your Life

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