SHA-1 Is Terrible, Cable Modems Haunted By Flaw, SIM Swapping Gets Worse - ThreatWire

published 6 days ago by Shannon Morse

A major vulnerability affects modems, SIM swapping is still a huge threat, and SHA1 Still Sucks! All that coming up now on ThreatWire. #threatwire #hak5 Links:Support me on alternative platforms! Shop ThreatWire Merch! - -- subscribe to my new channel! ThreatWire is only possible because of our Patreon patrons! Links:Cable Haunt: // SIM Swapping: // // SHA1: // -----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆Our Site → → → → Us → Wire RSS → Wire iTunes → Host: Shannon Morse → Darren Kitchen → Mubix →

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