Unstoppable Flow of Life | Hatha Yoga Flow | Perfectionism Series | Yoga with Melissa Episode 513

published 1 month ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Hatha Yoga Flow For this intermediate hatha yoga flow style class you will need the following props: Yoga Blanket, Mexican Blanket, Yoga Blocks, and hardwood floor. It is a unique style class inspired by Jenni Rawlings where we place the yoga blanket between our body and the floor and use it to create slide and resistance. Physically, this class will focus on core strength, thoracic mobility, shoulder mobility and leg strength. Life is an unstoppable river that continues to flow. Perfectionists are uncomfortable with the constant flow of change that is ever present in our lives. We struggle to gain a sense of control against the constant change. This is where fantasy comes in again, we imagine that we can arrive at a state of perfectionism. That someday we will be able to keep our kitchens, bathrooms, cars and desks clean once and for all. That we will somehow be able to get ahead and stay ahead. If somehow we just get it right, then things will remain perfect for us from then on. This is where the metaphor of a river is helpful. Our lives never stand still. Our lives are a story that continues to unfold, but that are never finished. Sometimes we go through some boring parts where there is not much going on, sometimes there is a lot of conflict (which could be quite exciting for the reader of our story, but uncomfortable for us) and sometimes we experience periods of resolution. However, the important thing to remember, is that it keeps unfolding, we continually cycle through. Reality is not a state, it is a process, which is in constant flux. One day something seems perfect and the next day, poof it all dissolves. Reflect on holiday dinners, elaborate meals which take so long to prepare. Here it is and now it is gone. Everything is like that. Perfectionists reject impermanence and yearn for the perfect status quo. This view is a set up, because when you achieve these momentary glimpses of perfectionism, reality will not pause to allow you to enjoy it for long. Perfectionism evaporates just as soon as it materializes. The river of life inevitably changes and fades away. This is a process view of perfectionism. When we open to the process not perfectionism, the practice not perfectionism, the progress not perfectionism we will suffer less. The process view of perfectionism allows us to open from one moment of perfection to another. We can see our entire life as an unfolding journey in process with an ever changing blossoming perfection. Resource: Present Perfect Samov Pavel

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