Microsoft Teams Essentials for IT | Security and Compliance

published 2 weeks ago by Microsoft Mechanics

Get the essentials on Microsoft's security and compliance approach for Microsoft Teams. From the controls we give you to manage security and compliance for the core Microsoft Teams experiences of chat, calls, meetings, and apps; to how Microsoft manages the Teams service to stay ahead of threats and stay compliant with the latest industry regulations. We explain where and how Teams data is stored and why that matters as you build your information governance strategy, as well as how to determine where your data resides in Microsoft's data centers to meet your data residency needs. See the data center coverage of Microsoft Teams at Get auditor reports for Microsoft 365 in the Service Trust Portal at See the regulations supported by Microsoft 365 More information on the security and compliance controls tailored to the core Teams experience. If you are in a government cloud service you can keep up to date at Continue learning more about Teams at Try out Teams if you haven't yet at Save this link to watch the whole series on Microsoft Teams Essentials for IT:

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