Who is Going to Protect the Brave New Virtual Worlds and HOW? - Kavya Pearlman - PSW #633

published 1 month ago by Security Weekly

Emerging technologies such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality are inevitably gaining momentum and helping businesses gain competitive advantage. These technological advancements are giving rise to digital transformation as well as digital risks. The bigger question is who will protect these technologies. While the world is catching up on the business aspects and the real use cases, Silicon Valley startups are already gearing up to combat the risks born alongside emerging tech's benefits. The Valley companies are utilizing the same technologies to combat the associated risks. My Quest to protect these Brave New Virtual Worlds has taken me around the world and connected me to the geniuses at Wallarm. In this segment, I will talk about WHY I believe Wallarm, XRSI and companies alike are the ones moving fast to protect the Immersive Technologies. Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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