Wool n' Spinning Episode 131 Live: A Christmas Wreath, Distaff spinning and Knitting with another’s handspun

published 1 month ago by Rachel Smith

Thank you for being here today. Welcome and intro chatter (01:12); 300 Patron Milestone and unlocking weekly Live Streams (05:02); in today’s show (07:21); intro credits (09:29); Attentive Spinners and Word Prompt Episodes for Wool n’ Spinning Radio (11:03); How I Spin: A Sock Study eBook Special Offer (13:34); Newsletter information (19:14); Breed and Colour Studies upcoming vlogs teaser video (linked below) (19:36); Hello Bargello earrings (26:57); Hyssop shawl knit (30:36); working wrapped stitches with interchangeable needle (31:47); SweetGeorgia Yarns Gotland spin (38:44); distaff spinning video and reflections (42:20); gold crepe yarn and Christmas Wreath (47:14); handwoven bath sheets for Norah and my niece (52:34); conclusions (1:01:45).

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