AAA 452: 2019's Best Android Stories

published 1 month ago

Rich Communication Services aims to improve messaging on AndroidHuawei loses its ability to use Google services on its new phonesDark theme fever hits the app development worldSundar Pichai is named the CEO of AlphabetPremium smartphones that cost $1000 aren't dominating as muchAndroid 10 releases with a full rebrand of the platformGoogle workers speak out and in so doing, find themselves out of a jobFuschia is acknowledged by Hiroshi LockheimerArtificial Intelligence is in everything, for better or for worseWear OS has a dud year, but perhaps its all leading to 2020Pixel 4 isn't a bad phone, it's just not amazingGoogle flip-flops on its Nest product lineThe Pixel 3a is arguably one of the best phones of the yearThe RED Hydrogen One is a cautionary talePop-up cameras saw their break-out yearFoldable phones were big, then fizzled, and now they are back againNVIDIA dominates with the release of the new Shield TV ProOnePlus 7 Pro is another of the best phones of the yearDisney+ shows what to look forward to in the streaming warsAugmented Reality tries again and doesn't resonate with consumersMessaging on Android continue to be a confusing messPlay Pass is a great way to get your app fixGoogle kills Inbox and Google+Apps are tracking your location, stealing your data, and committing ad fraud Hosts: Jason Howell, Florence Ion, and Ron Richards Subscribe to All About Android at .

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