MBW 693: Happy Festivus!

published 1 month ago

This Week's Stories: - AirPods Pro improve audio latency with H1 chip- Apple, Google, Amazon, and more partner on new IoT standard- Apple open sources some of HomeKit- ToTok spy chat app removed from App Store- Apple's secret satellite internet team- Mossberg's decade of Apple- AppleTV+ hits its stride with fabulous finales- iPhone takes 66% of smartphone profits- Apple's highs and lows of 2019- All Mac software will have to be notarized to run starting in February- San Francisco face recognition ban almost locks out employees' iPhones- New iPhone flash photography spec- App Store Xmas surprises - New Apple Watch badges in 2020- Apple Arcade Lego game- USB-C magnetic charging pad for Apple Watch- Mythic Quest- AirPods Pro smell like blueberries- Snow Crash coming to HBO Max- Need a last-minute Xmas gift? Apple has two-hour delivery!Picks of the Week:- Leo's Pick: LuLu from Objective-See- Andy's Pick: Patrick Stewart's "A Christmas Carol" - Rene's Pick: Pokemon Go Buddies- Lory's Pick: Dial Code Santa Claus (Game Over) Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Rene Ritchie, and Lory Gil Download or subscribe to this show at .

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