The State of Penetration Testing - PSW #631

published 1 month ago by Security Weekly

Penetration testing has evolved quite a bit in the past year. As defenses shift, and in some cases get much better, attack techniques and landscapes have changed as well. - What has changed in the past year with regards to penetration testing? - What is adversary simulation? What are the benefits? Is the offering and consumption of this service an indication that organizations are getting better at building effective security programs? - How has the increased popularity of breach and attack simulation tools impacted penetration testing? - Has the MITRE attack framework impacted penetration testing? If so, how? - Many advanced penetration testers seem to be keeping their tools private as to avoid detection by endpoint security products. Is this happening, and if so what is the impact? Should we share more? Less? - With so many tools available today for penetration testing, what can blue teams and internal red teams do to prep for an external penetration test? Visit ?for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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