$450 Van Conversion | Toyota Sienna Camper Conversion

published 1 month ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

$450 Van Conversion For those of you following our channel for awhile you will know how much we love camping. One of the things that was a challenge this past summer was puddles in our tents. We have talked about buying a teardrop trailer, but more recently we settled on converting a toyota sienna minivan because of the economics and longevity of toyotas. We found an inexpensive toyota sienna on Vancouver Island where we live close to Victoria and we were able to purchase it for $450. In this vlog we will share with you the story of purchasing a 2001 Sienna Toyota mini van. Cleaning up the mini van, some of the problems with the mini van that we will need to address to use it for camping and also some of our plans to convert it for camping this summer. We would love to know your ideas and tips for van conversion and also any places you love camping on Vancouver Island. We are looking forward to camping in Strathcona, Ucleulet and Tofino this summer in dryer conditions. Thanks for watching, Tim and Melissa

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