Beginner Diaphragmatic Breathing for Digestion

published 11 months ago by Dr. Melissa West - Yoga Teacher - Namaste Yoga

Breathing for Digestion This short beginner diaphragmatic breathing class for digestion will activate your parasympathetic nervous system known as your rest and digest. It will help you avoid constipation, acid reflux and IBS. It will balance your alkalinity and reduce inflammation. It will detoxify your body by supporting your lymphatic system. Your diaphragm separates your thoracic organs from your abdominal organs. Its fluid mobility with breath is incredibly important to optimal digestion for two reasons, #1 it will supply oxygen to help your body digest nutrients and #2 it will massage your digestive organs so that they work effectively. When you breathe well with diaphragmatic breathing like I will teach you in this video, the cells of your digestive organs will be provided with ample oxygen to break down large particles of food into smaller units of sugars, fatty acids amino acids and nucleotides. Secondly you will reduce acid reflux, GERD, constipation and IBS when your diaphragmatic breathing massage your stomach, spleen, small intestines, colon, and liver. Because of our modern day postures hunched over smart phones and computers, our stomachs can attach themselves to our diaphragms leading to poor digestion. Your diaphragm is the ceiling to your abdominal organs including all of your digestive organs: stomach, spleen, liver, intestines. When we breathe properly it keeps your digestive organs massaged and optimally fed with nutrients so they can do their job properly. It also helps to remove waste and even negative emotions. Our small intestines are also attached to the diaphragm through the ascending duodenum. It assists digestion by keeping space for digesting food to move through easily. If the diaphragm is restricted, then food cannot pass freely to be received by the small intestines. The liver is also attached to the diaphragm and is an important organ of digestion in as it processes the nutrients absorbed from the small intestine. When your liver is overloaded, you will experience bloating, digestive issues, food intolerances as your liver is your second largest organ of detoxification. There are tubes for your blood and lymphatic system that move through the diaphragm whose circulation is often restricted by diaphragm that is constantly constricted. In terms of digestion this can be a contributing factor to constipation. Your diaphragm is meant to churn, squeeze, and massage your abdominal organs. A blocked diaphragm will lead to sluggish digestion with constipation, IBS and acid reflux. All of the movements and breathing exercises in this short beginner diaphragmatic breathing yoga class will help you increase the oxygen to your digestive organs as well as massage your digestive organs through PERISTALSIS a wave-like squeezing motion that will nourish the digestive organs and promotes digestion and elimination. To unlock this full class with step by step instructions on diaphragmatic breathing for digestion for beginners as well as a whole series of yoga classes for digestion including: Beginner Myofascial Digestive Release Intermediate Myofascial Digestive Release with 9” Inflatable Ball Beginner Hatha Yoga for Digestion Intermediate Yoga Flow for Digestion Qigong Flow for Digestion Join our membership community by clicking on the link below.

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