SCLC | Meet The Professors: Clinical Investigators Provide Perspectives on the Integration of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors into the Management of Small Cell Lung Cancer

published 1 month ago by Dr Neil Love

Proceedings from a CME symposium held during the IASLC 2019 North America Conference on Lung Cancer. Featuring perspectives from moderator Dr David R Spigel and faculty members Drs Anna Farago and Ramaswamy Govindan: Introduction Program Overview: Dr Spigel (00:00) Current and Future Management of Newly Diagnosed Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer (ES-SCLC) Case (Dr Spigel): A woman in her late 40s with ES-SCLC with involvement in the breast who enrolled in the CASPIAN trial and received carboplatin/etoposide/durvalumab (2:04) Case (Dr Spigel): A woman in her late 50s with ES-SCLC who received carboplatin/etoposide/durvalumab/tremelimumab on the CASPIAN trial (6:21) Faculty presentation — Dr Spigel (12:48) Management of Progressive ES-SCLC Case (Dr Farago): A woman in her early 50s with ES-SCLC who received nivolumab after disease progression on carboplatin/etoposide (23:09) Case (Dr Govindan): A woman in her early 60s with ES-SCLC who experienced a partial response to nivolumab/ipilimumab followed by nivolumab maintenance after disease progression on multiple lines of therapy (24:35) Faculty presentation — Dr Govindan (32:27) Recognition and Management of Immune-Related Adverse Events (IrAEs) with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy in SCLC Case (Dr Govindan): A man in his early 70s who received carboplatin/etoposide/atezolizumab for ES-SCLC and developed autoimmune thrombocytopenia (42:59) Case (Dr Farago): A woman in her mid-60s with ES-SCLC who developed autoimmune colitis while receiving carboplatin/etoposide/atezolizumab but was able to resume treatment without further complication after corticosteroid intervention (44:23) Faculty presentation — Dr Farago (48:03) CME information and select publications

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