Hijacking VPNs on Linux Distros - ThreatWire

published 1 month ago by Shannon Morse

Apple iphones need location data for file sharing, VPN hijacking on Linux distros could be a thing, and new mac malware is suspected of stealing cryptocurrency! All that coming up now on ThreatWire. #threatwire #hak5 Links: Support me on alternative platforms! -- subscribe to my new channel! ThreatWire is only possible because of our Patreon patrons! Shop ThreatWire Merch! Special Thanks to Mr. Twinkle Twinkie for designing the ThreatWire Totem Board! Links: //www.cnet.com/news/iphone-11-pro-discovered-to-still-seek-user-location-data-despite-settings/ //discussions.apple.com/thread/250665845 //techcrunch.com/2019/12/05/apple-ultra-wideband-newer-iphones-location/ //www.zdnet.com/article/new-vulnerability-lets-attackers-sniff-or-hijack-vpn-connections/ //thehackernews.com/2019/12/linux-vpn-hacking.html //arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/12/north-koreas-lazarus-hackers-up-their-game-with-fileless-mac-malware/ Photo credit: ??-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆Our Site → → → → Us → Wire RSS → Wire iTunes → Host: Shannon Morse → Darren Kitchen → Mubix → ??-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆-----☆

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