Feral Children: Two Living Examples and a Little Neurology -- CARTA presents Impact of Early Life Deprivation on Cognition – Douglas Candland

published 1 month ago by UCTV

The question of what is learned, which is innate, and how the two relate is at the heart of 2,000 years and more of the 4,000 reports of feral children. Douglas Candland offers his knowledge of two such living persons known to him. The first is John Ssabyuna of Uganda and the second, known as CauCau, of southern Argentina. He compares these to the publications regarding studies of Victor, the "Wild by of Avignon," and the so-called "Wolf-Girls of India," raised at the Singhs’ orphanage in the early 20th century. Series: "CARTA - Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny" [Show ID: 35284]

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