The Great Acceleration

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Thanks to the University of Minnesota for sponsoring this video! We’re in the middle of a rapid, unprecedented, and world-changing increase in the intensity and scale of human activity on this planet. Thanks also to our Patreon patrons and our YouTube members. ___________________________________________ To learn more, start your googling with these keywords:  The Great Acceleration - the dramatic increase in human activity, largely since 1950, that is evident across a variety of socio-economic and biophysical measures, and that has made humans into a planetary scale forceThe Anthropocene -  our current geological epoch (contested), beginning when humans first had significant impact on Earth's geology and ecosystemsHockey stick graph - typically refers to the Mann et al 1999 graph of Earth’s temperature, but can also refer to any trend that's roughly constant for a long duration and then has a drastic upwards shift ___________________________________________ If you liked this week’s video, you might also like:  Welcome to the Anthropocene film - map of last 200,000 years of human population - history of emissions and the Great Acceleration - The Hockey Stick Controversy - An argument for 'why growth can’t be green’ - Can we stabilize Earth, or are we going to cross planetary thresholds? -  An attainable global vision for conservation and human well-being - _________________________________________ Subscribe to MinuteEarth on YouTube: Support us on Patreon: And visit our website: Say hello on Facebook: And Twitter: And download our videos on itunes:  ___________________________________________ Credits (and Twitter handles): Credits (and Twitter handles): Script Writer, Editor and Video Narrator: Alex Reich (@alexhreich) Video Director and Illustrator: Henry Reich (@MinutePhysics) With Contributions From: Kate Yoshida, Ever Salazar, Peter Reich, David Goldenberg, Julián Gómez, Sarah Berman, Arcadi Garcia Music by: Nathaniel Schroeder:   Image Credits: Hockey stick graph: T_comp_61-90.pdf by Klaus Bittermann. Used with permission.Copper graph based on: Copper_-_world_production_trend.svg Life expectancy graph: CO2 graph: Girl receiving oral polio vaccine: No changes were made.   ___________________________________________   References:   Barnosky, A. D., et al. 2014. Introducing the scientific consensus on maintaining humanity’s life support systems in the 21st century: Information for policy makers. The Anthropocene Review, 1(1), 78-109. . 2015. Great Acceleration. Accessed Aug 2019.Hellmann, J. Aug 2019. Personal communication. Mann, M. E., et al. 1999. Northern hemisphere temperatures during the past millennium: Inferences, uncertainties, and limitations. Geophysical Research Letters, 26(6), 759-762. . McNeill, J.R. Oct 2019. Personal communication. McNeill, J. R. 2001. Something new under the sun: An environmental history of the twentieth-century world (the global century series). WW Norton & Company.Roser, M. 2019. Life Expectancy. Our World In Data. Accessed Sept 2019.Phillipon, D. Aug 2019. Personal communication. Polasky, S. Sept 2019. Personal communication.Steffen, W. et al. 2015. The trajectory of the Anthropocene: the great acceleration. The Anthropocene Review, 2(1), 81-98. 2F2053019614564785Thompson et al. 2009. Our plastic age. 364. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B.

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