How to Get Started Day Trading With Only $100 (and zero PDT rule!)

published 1 month ago by ClayTrader

Class #1 (FREE) - begin your journey here - How do you get started with day trading? The stock market is a great side hustle if you are looking to make extra money online; however, the problem is people automatically think that you need to day trade stocks. This becomes an issue because of the most annoying and stupid government regulation: the pattern day trader rule (PDT rule). This rule limits the number of stock trades you can perform in a very inconvenient way, so many new traders look for ways to get around the pattern day trader rule. The only true way to get around the rule is to have $25,000 in your account, or you can move your money "off shore", but that can be extremely risky. Here's the good news and the truth, you can 100% avoid the pattern day trading rule and get started trading with as little money as $100. Let me show you another area of the financial markets that allows for great opportunity for those looking for an online side hustle to make money.

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